Our gardens are ready to welcome garden visitors

Many or our newest daylilies are planted in the flower beds while we evaluate them for cold hardiness and peformance All children under age 16 are invited to explore our gardens and select a free plant to take home for their garden.

Our grandsons work for dinner and time under the sprinkler

From mid-June through mid-July the growing field is filled with blooms from more than 1000 varieties of daylilies PopPop Sterrett likes to lend a hand deadheading (H. 'Always a Pleasure'). H. 'Magic of Oz' by Katie Sue Herrington in front of variegated Acorus near the water garden
Visitors are always welcome. If you wish to visit the gardens at a time when the gardens are not open, please call to make an appointment. Under the shade of a 75 year old pecan visitors can relax and enjoy the shade and Eastern Shore Virginia hospitality. We host garden tours for groups. Please call to schedule.
Grandsone Anson likes PopPop's tractor. H. 'Divine Promise','Yellow Umbrella', 'Purple Smoke', and 'Woodside Debutant' (left to right) Growing field looking toward Sterrett home and garden
Early season visitors are greeted by H.'Texas Big Red', 'Wings of Chance' and 'Scarlet Orbit' Water garden Our son, Andy, and Rich digging plants in our growing field
Early Season bloom

Deadheading is a favorite pastime for one of us.

H. 'Opportunity' in the landscape, a dependable reblooming daylily introduced by Doris Simpson in 1989.


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