Printable Order Form

Printable Price List

  • We ship at least a double fan.  If you wish to have substitutions of equal or greater value, please include a list of suitable substitutes. 
  • We include bonus plants worth approximately 20% of the order for orders under $100, 30% for those over $100!  Please list suggestions. 
  • We offer a collection of 10 varieties (our choice) for $40.  When ordering a collection, please let us know if you prefer a particular range of colors. 
  • All plants are freshly dug and individually labeled. 
  • Our garden is state inspected and we continue to maintain a preventative spray schedule. 
  • Shipping charges are $14 plus $1 per plant over four plants. 
  • The minimum order is $20. 
  • We ship by priority mail (service with UPS is not satisfactory from the Eastern Shore of Virginia). 
  • We generally ship on Monday with plants arriving in two to three days.
  • Virginia residents must add 5.3% sales tax. 
  • Wholesale prices of selected varieties are available upon request.